OnePlus 7 Pro can open your beer, for real!

From a 12 hour-long stress test (there is something soothing about the mechanized whirr if you let it play in the background) to phone shattering drop tests, the front pop-up camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro is seeing a variety of abuse. Most tech reviewers are concerned, after all, anything that is mechanized is bound to age faster. Admittedly, the pop-up camera does look like a delicate little contraption that could snap off with a good hammer slam.

A surprising amount of reviewers have been testing the durability of the pop-up camera. Skeptics range from those who submerge the phone in water to those who take it apart piece by piece to confirm OnePlus’s claims. The different tests are pretty cruel and unforgiving, and we’re all crowding around them like excited little puppies chasing an unattainable toy. Let’s be honest, those of us who got that phone from Jump On Demand or pay monthly installments cannot afford even the idea of a scratch. Or so we thought.

OnePlus has done a fairly good job of convincing users that the camera is, in fact, pretty invincible. In a fairly unconventional twist, we found a user who tagged Peter Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, to a tweet in which he opens beer bottles using the pop-up camera as an opener.

The pop-up camera’s existence was originally a solution to the notch problem, but really, it is also a really neat party trick that OnePlus could have actually considered as a really cool marketing strategy.

What’s next? The pop-up camera as a fishing rod? Maybe it will stop a bullet and save someone’s life. The absurd possibilities are endless.

Fortunately, we will get to enjoy more user-generated whacky ways to test and use the camera. Let’s wait to see what the internet comes with next to test this freakishly strong pop-up camera.

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