One Pass by Google Launched!

Google One Pass

Google has announced a new service, called the One Pass which aims to handle the online business of newspapers and magazines. Launched pretty silently by Eric Schmidt — only a day after Apple announced theirs  — Google’s One Pass services proposes better terms to publishers by limiting its fees to just 10% of the subscription money, as against Apple’s 30%.

With One Pass, all you need to do is buy a newspaper or magazine and then you can access it from any device: PC/Laptops or tablets or android smartphone. Those of you who are already subscribed to any newspaper or magazine, you can move to One Pass without paying any additional fee.

With One Pass, Google will manage the logistical side of payment processing and user authentication while the publishers will distribute digitized newspaper and magazine. The price and other factors of subscription are at the liberty of the publisher, which includes terms deciding on one-time purchase, yearly subscriptions, etc.

By the way, there’s a video too about how stuff would work.

So, with digitized content at the core, Google and Apple will be fighting — they have to, you know! — One more battle in the very very hot tech industry. We say, competition is always better for us mortals than no competition. What do you think, hmm?

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