Nexus Prime Pic Leaked Ahead — Gets us a Glimpse of its Super AMOLED HD screen

Hey, after countless times we have discussed about the next nexus phone by Google, which we’re calling Nexus Prime (or the galaxy Nexus?), a photo of the phone has just surfaced on the Internet. (See above.) And this is what this leaked Nexus Prime pic tells us: 1280 x 720 Super AMOLED HD display and screen size of 4.6 inches (that’s 320 ppi). Wow! wow! WOW!! — can’t wait to get our dirty hands on this one!!!

Moreover, just like the Android 3.x Honeycomb OS that you get on Android tablets, the three buttons — Back, Home and and Menu — are fixed at the bottom part of the screen on phone. Btw, if this small leak disappointed you, don’t feel bad about it — it has already conformed some stuff we’re desperately looking for it. Though, a word on dual-core processor (perhaps, Exynos 1.5 GHz one) would have done it for us.

Thus, as rumored earlier, there is no button — not even LED buttons, that is — on the phone. The 3 onscreen soft keys do the work for you, whatever you’re doing on phone with whichever app. But that’s not to say it won’t volume rockers and power key — these will be there in their typical hardware form – after all, we need something to play with download (bootloader) and recovery modes, right?

We’re damn excited about this and it has already got us going. But not to forget, Apple is holding an event today to unveil its next iPhone(s). And also not to forget, Google is also holding a Google Episode with Samsung on October 11, which is just 7 days from today, where it may or may not unveil the Nexus Prime.

With phones from Google and Apple being announced with in a matter of 7 days and launching pretty soon too, the stage is already set of fire for the closest battle these two companies have come near to each other in their history. And you know which side we’re on, right?

You, make it sure to remain with us while we uncover the good (and dirty part) of all this saga. Next 7 days may dictate much about the future of competition — who pales and who do not. Let’s see.

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