Nexus 7 32 GB and 16 GB Price set at $249 and $199 respectively at Office Depot

Nexus 7 32 GB and 16 GB Price

We would have ideally been writing about all the goodies Google would have announced today, had Hurricane Sandy not played spoilsport. The 32GB version of the Asus manufactured Google Nexus 7 would have been one of the announcements, but sadly we will have to wait for Google to unveil the new lineup later.

However, that doesn’t mean that we have to wait to see the Nexus 7 32GB in the flesh. We already know that Office Depot was listing the Nexus 7 32GB on its website. Droid Life has received confirmation from various readers that the 32GB slate is being put up on display at various Office Depot stores across the US. The new increased storage capacity slate is priced at $249, as we had found out earlier, and the existing 16GB version has got a price drop, and now being offered for $199. With retailers already advertising it and some even offering it for sale, the Nexus 7 32GB seems to have already arrived at its distribution centers, and Google might be better off with officially announcing it now, rather than later. After all, there aren’t any secrets left about this device anymore.

Stocks are apparently limited, so you may want to call ahead and check if there are any left for you. The new 32GB tablet as well as revised pricing on the existing 16GB version is yet to be updated on Google’s own Play Store, but we expect that should happen soon enough.

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