Nexus 6 Ambient Display: How to Turn it On/Off

The Google Nexus 6 comes with Ambient display which works in a similar way like the Moto Display (previously known as Active Display). It basically lights up your phone’s display when you pick it up or when a new notification arrives. However, Ambient display doesn’t turns on your Nexus 6’s screen when you pull it out of your pocket or bag, while Moto Display does that too.

The Ambient display doesn’t hurt your device’s battery though. Nexus 6 has an Super Amoled display panel which allows for only particular pixels to light up when turned on via Ambient display, so when your Nexus 6’s display turns on to show notifications, the screen turns black and white. Which only lights up very few pixels on the screen and thereby not affecting battery.

Ambient display is a great addition to the Nexus 6. All thanks to Motorola for their innovative Active display feature on the Moto X.

Turn Nexus 6 Ambient Display On/Off

  1. Go to Settings » select Display
  2. Press the Toggle next to Ambient Display to tun the feature On/Off

via Droid-Life

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