Nexus 4 coming to Netherlands on Nov. 30?

LG has already said that due to high demand in European countries where Google sells the Nexus 4 directly from the Play Store, the smartphone won’t be making its way to the Netherlands, no doubt disappointing and even angering many of those that have been waiting to get their hands on one.

However, XDA forum member RenegadeDroid came across a listing on retailer Phone House’s website that says that the Nexus 4 will be available soon. This listing has been up for more than 2 weeks according to another member of XDA, but it is a bit odd that Phone House would just forget to take it down after LG cancelled plans of launching the device in the country.

RenegadeDroid also mentions that the release date will be November 30th, though that isn’t exactly mentioned anywhere on the Phone House website, though you can sign up to be notified when stock becomes available. This could mean nothing though, but for the sake of all the Nexus fans in the Netherlands, let’s hope LG comes around and does launch the smartphone in the country.

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