Nexus 3/Prime Specs Update: The Fabulous Super AMOLED HD Display Pretty Much Confirmed!

The last time we talked about the next Nexus device, we heard something very very enticing about its display — the Super AMOLED HD with res of 1280 x 720. Well, it seems very much true now. This godly display could very well be on road to hit the market with the Nexus device if we are to go by Samsung Mobile Romania’s tweets @SamsungMobileRo. That’s very exciting, we know, and we have no reason to deny this rumor when the word is from Samsung’s own branch’s twitter account. It’s said that the Super AMOLED HD display might even make the iPhone’s retina display look like 8 bit. Wow! That’s what you always wanted to hear, eh!

The tweets from Samsung Mobile Romania also point that this yet-again Samsung-made Nexus (remember Nexus S!) will indeed be the flagship device for launch of next version of Android OS, 4.0 — the Ice Cream Sandwich. And if the rumored specs get anywhere near real, this phone certainly fits to be a flagship device for ice Cream Sandwich, as also the Nexus tag. It will be only after the Nexus One that Google’s own nexus phone will be launching a new Android OS too — FYI, Nexus One was the first nexus phone launched in Jan 2010 launching Android 2.1 Éclair alongside it.

About the upcoming Nexus android phone, we really don’t know whether it will be called Nexus 3 or Nexus Prime (as we last heard) or Nexus S2 (if it turns out to be a upgraded Galaxy S2!) or Nexus ____ (name your choice!). But other interesting rumor doing rounds about the next Nexus phone include a quad-core processor — this rumor is not from Samsung’s Romania’s twitter account, btw!

We’re still in awe of Galaxy S 2 from Samsung, whose Super AMOLED Plus display is one of the most wonderful piece of tech today. The screen is simply gorgeous, you want to use it again and again. And couple it with the extremely fast dual-core Exynos processor (this is Samsung made, too), which keeps the device just flying without any lags of any sorts, you wanna actually find the reasons to use the Galaxy S 2. Oh! buts lets concentrate on Nexus Prime for now.

Nexus Prime Specs

There is something on release date too. Although the phone’s production is yet to begin, it’s tipped for late this year launch — which lines up perfectly for the launch of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Tell you what, even if Nexus Prime doesn’t get the quad-core goodness, we’ll still be very much happy with a device which is a ‘Galaxy S 2 with Super AMOLED HD display and Android 4.0’ — it still makes up well for a dream-come-true phone, right? And if Google manages to bring the raging quad-core thunder too, we’ll be the first to pre-order it, or line up for this tech piece (if it gets real!) even a full week before its launch date. Yep!

So, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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