New Play Store app update available, v9.0.15

A new Google Play Store update is available for download as software version 9.0.15. The update, unlike the usual cases, is not rolling out over the air.

The latest Play Store update is a significant jump from software version 8 to version 9, which suggests that the app may have received a number of new features and tweaks.

How to Install APK Files on Android

This update is still in beta and thus not available as an OTA. Since we don’t know when Google plans to make the stable version available for everyone, the only other option is to grab the APK version and install it on your phone.

If you are not familiar with how to download and install the Play Store, feel free to check out a simple guide here. As for the APK file, you can grab one via the download link below.

Download Play Store APK (Version 9.0.15)

Google recently started testing a new search UI on the Play Store version 8.8.12. Interestingly, this is the stable version currently available for Android devices, but so far, we’ve only seen the feature go live on our Pixel phone and not the newer Pixel 2.


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