New Play Store 9.8.07 APK download now available

Play Store APK download

Google has outed a new version of the Play Store as software version 9.8.07, up from version 9.6.11 that was released a little over a week ago. We’ve grown accustomed to weekly releases and thus this isn’t a surprise, but of course, it’s likely the app itself has a couple or more surprises.

There’s only one way to find this out and that’s to download and install the latest version on your Android device. While it’s not yet available via the usual channels, we have an APK download ready for you. Just hit the download link below and you’ll have your Play Store APK file.

Download Google Play Store 9.8.07 APK

In case of any complications, feel free to consult our guide on how to install APK files on Android. Also, you can check out our Play Store APK download page for older versions of the app, just in case you need one.

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