New Atrix Spotted. Got an 8 Megapixel Camera Under its Belt!

Atrix 4G, the first dual-core phone to land in US, may soon see a successor with a higher camera and a brilliant HD screen. That’s what the rumor is but let’s break it down right here. The Atrix remains as unpopular in the android blogosphere as it is, so the new Atrix spotted on unknown forum with a camera bumped to 8 MP with 1080p recording (as against the OG’s 720p capable 5 MP cam) fails to excite as much as you would expect of a new android phone from Motorola.

While one rumor pointed out to improved camera on the new Atrix, another rumor which resulted from deeper digging of the first rumor claims that it might even have a HD 720p screen. Last we heard about the HD screen coming to phones wasn’t long, remember the HTC Vigor that appeared out of nowhere just yesterday? It’s also being said that the phone is indeed the Droid HD, but given the fact that Droid brand is owned by Verizon on which all droid phones do far have released, the AT&T marking on the new Atrix doesn’t help the Droid HD’s cause.

You may spot the Sony Ericsson Logo on the leaked pics. Well, that’s because the forum that leaked the images is quite seriously dedicated to SE products. But you can’t blame their watermarking software for that, could you?

Although the HD screen remains a very distant possibility for this new Atrix, the improved 8 MP camera with enhanced 1080p recording seems reasonable upgrade for the Motorola Atrix, but that’s nothing to be excited about since we’ve already seen features on almost all top-end android phones today — Galaxy S 2, HTC Sensation, etc.

Although we wished it’s a global version of the Atrix — because Motorola has almost zero presence outside of U.S — but that AT&T mark on the top right points to another direction — that’s it’s destined for AT&T, and AT&T only. BTW, you must have already noticed by now that the screen is not that-flat, there is some sort of curve over it.

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