Motorola releases ad attacking Samsung’s Galaxy S3

Attacking Apple and their Maps application on iOS6 certainly didn’t help Motorola sales, so they’ve now decided to attack a fellow (albeit competitor) Android manufacturer and their device instead – Samsung and their Galaxy S3, comparing the RAZR HD to Samsung’s immensely popular and best-selling flagship device in various aspects.

On their official Facebook page, Motorola compares the downloading speed on the RAZR HD to the Galaxy S3, saying “Don’t get stuck downloading from another galaxy. Get faster download speeds with DROID RAZR HD”, despite both devices having exactly the same chipset and modem inside (Snapdragon S4). They also link to a page that compares battery life on the RAZR HD, with Motorola mentioning that it lasts around 20% more than the Galaxy S3, for up to 24 hours of battery life.

Motorola also attacks Samsung for something that the latter is quite often criticized for – the build quality. Motorola makes a point about the durability of the RAZR HD with its “KEVLAR fiber and water-repellent nanocoating”, saying that the Galaxy S3’s “plastic back can’t say the same”.

It is interesting to see that Motorola has decided to go after the manufacturer that has been reaping all the profits in the Android market, and even though I’d say the RAZR HD doesn’t stand a chance over the Galaxy S3 overall (poorer camera, less RAM, non-removable battery on RAZR HD), it could turn out to be something that other manufacturers start doing as well.

Or maybe Google should ask Motorola’s marketing team to stand down and focus on marketing their devices in a way that doesn’t have to take a shot at other devices, or actually make a flagship device of the status of the Galaxy S3 before mouthing off against other companies and their products. Oh, and maybe they should also make sure that their devices are available on every carrier like Samsung’s devices, instead of just on Verizon.

I do not say that the RAZR HD is a bad device. On the contrary, it’s quite a good smartphone, but just isn’t enough to take on the Galaxy S3, unless you count an almost stock Android skin to be a major advantage that can overshadow all else, in which case the RAZR HD would come out on top easily.

Motorola and Samsung fans, sound off in the comments section with your opinion on all this!

Via: Droid Life