Motorola One Hyper security updates and more: Stability update announced

Motorola has a long way to go before reannouncing its arrival in the premium segment of the smartphone industry, but the American powerhouse has been doing fairly well in the mid-range category.

The Motorola One lineup is has been quite successful in its own right, which has prompted Motorola to add another device to its already illustrious lineup. The Motorola One Hyper is the newest addition to the One family, bringing some of the premium features to the more budget-friendly section. The Snapdragon 675 chipset and 4GB RAM does promise jaw-dropping performance, but the 32MP pop-up camera and 6.39-inch FHD+ display guarantee seamless entertainment, which is usually exclusive to more premium devices. To top it off, the phone comes with Android 10 out of the box, which almost guarantees a future upgrade to Android 11.

In this piece, we will be focusing on the software updates for the Motorola One, bringing you all the latest updates released for the latest Motorola One device. From routine security updates to highly anticipated Android releases, bookmark this page to get all the info related to your Moto One Hyper.

Latest News

December 02, 2019: Motorola has announced the first update for the Motorola One Hyper. The OTA, which could go live in the coming days, brings a more stable and improved version of the camera app.

Motorola One Action update timeline

Release date Software version — Changelog
02 Dec 2019 NA — New version of the camera app, bringing improved stability and other improvements
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