Motorola rolls out Moto Voice for Moto X (1st Gen.) and some other Droid phones

The rapid development of the technology and the increased market requirements are pushing the Smartphone manufacturers to deliver innovative and attractive stuff to the users. One such feature is the Voice control that is already prevalent in most of the Android Smartphones. But it looks funny when people say OK Google and stuff like that to access the voice command features of the device. Finally, Motorola has sorted this out by launching its Moto Voice for the new Moto X earlier this month.

Moto Voice is nothing but the revamped Touchless Control, which was available on the older Moto devices. Motorola had made a few enhancements and bug fixes and launched the Moto Voice app for the new Moto X which can be downloaded from the Play Store. Moto Voice has an option to set a customized phrase of your wish to access the device using voice commands. So there won’t be any people mocking around you for saying OK Google as you can set a cool phrase of your own choice.

Moto Voice also support voice commands for YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp. You can say Play Beethoven on YouTube to play music videos on YouTube which might come handy in times. You can also turn on Talk to Me and other Moto modes through voice commands and obviously the Moto Voice comes with compatibility to Moto Hint and Moto 360. Motorola also claims that the user interface is enhanced and some undisclosed bugs are fixed which will be known only when using the Moto Voice in hands.


However, the Original Moto X and older Droid owners were disappointed for being left behind during the initial update, but Motorola has now rolled the update to the older devices as well. But don’t get too excited as the older devices are not yet getting the chance to use a custom phrase option which takes all the fun from the Moto Voice. As of now the older devices will get support to Moto Hint and Moto 360 compatibility and bug fixes which is not a great update to boast off.

But considering the hardware specs of the original Moto X, it is quite possible that the Custom Phrase update would roll out in the future, but it’s just a speculation. Even if Motorola is set to provide this update to the Original Moto X and older Droids, this will not happen atleast until the release of the Android L update. So until then the old Moto guys can download the update from the play store and hope for the next update to get released as soon as possible.

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