Motorola Droid X2 gets ClockWorkMod Recovery

DroidX2 owners, you’re missing the clockworkmod recovery, right? Well, if you’re ready to take risks of flashing/hacking — and even greater risk that applies to Chinese-origin APKs — you can install the ClockWorkMod recovery on your Droid X2 too, One APK file is just what you need. The Droid X2 bootstrap app was actually meant for the Atrix 4G but it’s loving Droid X2 too, equally it seems.

Of course, the Chinese origin of the hack is big drawback, but users in the last 24 hrs who’ve given this recovery a go are saying only good things — that’s for the motivation, if you’re looking for some. Users have been able to fully backup their ROMs and restore them too successfully!

Those willing to give it a try can move forward to this XDA thread to download the apk file as also read the user’s views and opinions over there. Be careful, and good luck!

Via Droid-life

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