Moto G5 to be in stores shortly after launch at MWC

Launch date set for February 26, followed by retail stores availability almost immediately. Well, we are talking about Motorola’s upcoming flagship, the Moto G5.

The official release date of the device has been known for quite some time now, which is on Feb 26 at MWC event in Barcelona. Plainly, we didn’t expect it to be available for purchase so soon. Surprisingly, in a pleasant way, the Moto G5 will be up for grabs shortly after the MWC launch, a UK retailer has revealed.

Coming from reliable leakster Roland Quandt, it would be unwise to dismiss the news as fake. The leakster, mentioning a UK retailer sans any name, has given the Moto G5 variants to be available in UK with due date listed as mid-March.

The Moto G5 2GB/16GB model will hit the UK markets in two color options- Gold and Grey. Now this is a bit confusing becuase up till now all the leaked specs pointed towards a 4GB RAM G5 capacity paired with 16GB internal storage. For the moment, it would be better to take listed specs in the news with a pinch of salt.

As far as the pricing in UK is concerned, the leakster didn’t foray into that area. But we do know that both the Moto G5 and G5 Plus might cost the same as their previous generation models Moto G4 and G4 Plus in Brazil- 1099 and 1499 Brazilian Real- respectively.

via Roland Quandt

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