LG G6 release date set for March 28th in Australia, will be available via Telstra


The South Korean giant seems intent on ensuring that the LG G6 is available to the public as soon as possible. Although this could be chalked down to LG learning from their previous mistakes with them failing to capitalize on the whole Note 7 fiasco, it is probable that LG wants to sell as many devices before the launch of Samsung’s latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ with their Snapdragon 835 processor.

With so many factors affecting the sales, LG has set its launch date in Australia for March 28th which comes as a pleasant surprise to many people. Traditionally, the continent down under receives its share of devices relatively later than its U.S counterparts.

“We’re delighted to be bringing the LG G6 to Australia so soon. Australians are increasingly spending more time viewing content on their smartphones and the LG G6 has been designed with these types of consumer trends in mind, most notably providing a big screen that fits in one hand, so you can see more and hold less.

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The G6 has functions Australians have come to expect, such as wide angle cameras, water resistance, finger print security and the latest Google enhancements.” Said Bruce Leigh, Marketing Manager for Mobile at LG Electronics Australia.

With the LG G6 being the first non-Pixel phone to include Google Assistant, things seem to be going in their favor provided they can monopolize the current market.

via: Channel News

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