Lenovo ZUK Edge 2 concept phone is too flawed to be believed!

It’s not clear whether the ZUK Edge was a revealing success Lenovo was hoping it out to be, but it seems it created enough buzz among the users that its concept images are being drawn, and shared wildly.

Here you have a bunch of ZUK Edge 2 concept images, and it takes in all that you expect: dual cameras and dual curves to top them all features.

Mind you, the original ZUK Edge was launched only in late December last year, so it seems pretty early for Lenovo to put out another ZUK Edge this quickly. The ZUK Edge 2 renders were leaked yesterday, and they seem to keep up with the ongoing near bezel-less display of 2017. Even though these are being touted as original pics of ZUK Edge 2, we think these are just concept images, nothing more, and would ask our readers to take this news with a grain of salt.

So, let’s talk about the supposed ZUK Edge 2 concept.

What might come as an exciting news is the presence of the “curved edge” display present in the device, something its elder sibling, The Lenovo ZUK Edge lacked. Quite ironic, if you ask me, considering the naming has been blatantly used as an “inspiration” from Samsung’s iconic Edge series, famous for their curved screen.

Coming back to the leaked images, due to the lack of any solid specs, the device is being predicted to have a screen size anywhere from 5.7 – 5.9 inches. A pretty big device, considering all the previous ZUK iterations from Lenovo range from 5 – 5.5 inch sizes. Also, to be noted is the presence of a notification/ light sensor in the front of the device.

As one has come to expect from the consistent quality of leaked images, it is unclear if the sensor would also double as a fingerprint scanner, hence our apprehensions about the authenticity of the leak. The notification bar setup also seems to be heavily inspired from the Sony Xperia M.

On the back of the device, is the eye-catching dual camera setup with what can be seen as a monotone LED. The lack of OIS is a surprise but then again, one cannot expect the leaks to present a full picture about the device.

Talking about specs, ZUK Edge 2 Special Edition — yes that’s what it is being labeled as, quite humorously — is rumored to have the latest Snapdragon 835 chipset. The battery specifications, as of the moment, are not known.

Also to be added is an interesting note that the device design seems to be inspired from a vocaloid called Luo Tianyi, who has a good habit of creating concept phones, going by @tooooajk weibo handle.

The ZUK Edge 2 Concept Phone Gallery

The article will constantly be updated when the latest leaks/news  about the device surface. Be sure to check our other articles regarding the latest news and rumors of various other upcoming devices.

Source: Weibo