Latest Cortana update v2.9 gets you redesigned home screen, settings menu and hands-free calling and texting

Microsoft owned Cortana, the Artificial Intelligence based Assistant has received a new update on Android that Microsoft calls as “major evolution”.

The last major update 2.8 made it possible to set Cortana as default Assistant on any Android device. Now, the latest update with version number 2.9 changes the entire UI of Cortana app.

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Cortana V2.8

The home screen now houses two tabs – Upcoming and Interests, instead of the three confusing tabs. The Upcoming tab, as is obvious, keeps tracks of the upcoming events such as reminders and other things. It also lets you create a new reminder and new event from the same screen. The second tab i.e. the Interests tab houses the main Cortana feed, which looks similar to Google Feed.

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Cortana V2.9

Besides that, the reminders are also accessible from the top right section under the bulb icon, where settings and user account icon was present in the earlier versions. Talking of user accounts and settings, they are now available in a clean UI under the new hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) at top left corner. In the latest update, you also get a redesigned settings page with clear settings and cool UI.

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In addition to that, the latest update introduces hands-free calling and texting. Other than that, expect bug fixes and performance updates in the latest iteration of Cortana.

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