Kindle Fire Utility for Rooting, Updating and Installing TWRP Recovery on Your Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Utility

Think you’re too noob to do all the hacking stuff on your kindle fire? Well, cheer up buddy.. xda developer Vashypooh has created a little tool called, Kindle Fire Utility, to help you in tweaking/modding your Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire Utility comes packed with drivers for ADB and Fastboot, and can be used to do a lot of tweaks, here’s a list:

  • Automatic elevation to root for tool operations.
  • Auto detect current bootmode.
  • Auto Detect ADB/Fastboot Online/Offline.
  • Auto download from Amazon.
  • Auto download and install TWRP Recovery.
  • Manage current bootmodes.
  • Manage Read/Write.
  • Install GoogleApps/Market/GoLauncherEX.
  • Lock/Unlock the Wallpaper from being changed.

I haven’t tried the kindle fire utility myself yet, but I’m sure it’ll work like a charm. I’ll update this post with a guide on how to use the utility soon.

You can download the latest version of the Kindle Fire Utility from the official development page → link here.

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