Jkay Deluxe Mod for Galaxy Note has Arrived. Celebrate This Day, Note Users!

As the title of this post states, my friends and fellow Droids, Mark this day and celebrate it, because the Galaxy Note is getting all set to receive one of the best theming and settings modification applications, which was available on the Galaxy S and S2 until now. Yes, Jkay Deluxe Mod for the Galaxy Note is well on its way to the Note, and the Note is well on its way to getting more custom ROMs which are compatible with  the Jkay Deluxe Mod .

Have a look at the screenshots above, although they are from the Galaxy SII, we’re talking ability to customize lockscreens, button behavior, custom icon packs, what you want shown in Power Options ( the pop-up that comes when you long press the Power button), custom notification panels, special Jkay Themes, and many more tweaks that enhance the functionality and appearance of your device.

Jkay has opened a new thread over at XDA, announcing a dedicated version of Jkay Deluxe Mod for the Galaxy Note. Plus this mod will be released for Stock ROMs too. All you need to be able to use the Jkay Deluxe Mod is a kernel that supports ClockworkMod recovery or CWM.

While the final mod has not been released yet, Jkay has provided some information on the progress of the development, and guess what–he is working on the XXKLA1 Android 2.3.6 firmware version for the Note, which I am sure many of you would have already updated to.

Some of the features that have already been implemented for XXKLA1, quoted from Jkay’s thread  are :

  • Disable overscroll effect
  • Support for setting Auto brightness delay. Select between values: No delay, 0.5 seconds, 1 second and 2 seconds.
  • Support for Auto brightness profiles
  • backup and restore all settings
  • Volume Lock (on/off toggle: a deluxe setting that will make sure notification volume is the same as ringer volume).
  • Added Home button haptic feedback on/off toggle
  • Added ‘No lock screen’ option as lock screen selection.
  • A toggle for CRT TV on effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
  • A toggle for CRT TV off effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
  • Support for Skipping music track/fm radio station using vol-up/down-keys when screen is off (as a toggle)
  • 15 seconds timeout on lockscreen… (as a toggle)
  • Confirm shutdown on/off toggle (asks for confirmation when using Reboot, Recovery, Download and Power off)
  • Support for disabling Home button double click
  • Supports customizable Power Options Dialog (all the toggles from SGS2 and can also be reordered)

What you are seeing above is just a preview of what to expect, rest assured there will be a lot more goodies incorporated in the final release. The download link is not up yet on the thread, but we just couldn’t wait to tell you folks about this wonderful development.We will update this post with the links once Jkay updates the development thread.  So keep  watching this space.

You can visit Jkay’s development thread here, and read about the progress of development on the Jkay Deluxe Mod, as well as to read about user experiences.  Do let us know your thoughts in comments below.