‘I Am Bread’ by Bossa Studios Ltd is on 50% sale for limited time

i am bread sale

If you a fan of Bossa Studios Ltd’s ‘I Am Bread’ Android game but were put off by its asking price of $4.99, here’s some good news. For a limited time, the developer of popular game, Surgeon Simulator, have put the ‘I Am Bread’ game on sale, of 50%, no less, making it accessible to you for just $2.49 right now.

If you’re on the look out for the weirdest games ever, you’re at the right place. And you wouldn’t have found a more better time as the Game is now available at a 50% discount. At $2.49 the game is worth every penny in our books.

You basically get to control a slice of bread and move it around in challenging scenarios. Drop it on the floor and on other unsavory places, you lose. If you’ve played Goat simulator, then this game should be right up your alley.

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With this game you’ll finally be able to see if this slice of bread falls buttered side down or not. Well the only way to see for yourself is to download the game of course. As silly as it is, there is guaranteed fun involved.

→ Download the ‘I am Bread’ Game

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