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HTC U11 to get Bluetooth 5.0 via a software update

HTC U11 users will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth 5.0. According to FCC, (Federal Communications Commission) filing, HTC plans to “enable Bluetooth 5.0 by software without any hardware change.”

Although the HTC U11 was one of the first smartphones to feature Bluetooth 5.0, it was unable to reap the benefits of the same as the feature was not enabled. However, with the new software update, the already present Bluetooth 5.0 will get activated on HTC U11.

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Once Bluetooth 5.0 gets activated on HTC U11, some features will get enhanced such as longer connectivity range and higher transmission bandwidth. The battery life will also get longer with lower power usage.

As of now, it’s unclear when HTC will roll out the update. But this should be sooner rather than later as the necessary steps have already been taken by the Chinese manufacturer.

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Via: AusDroid


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