HTC U11 will get HTC Link VR headset exclusively in Japan


HTC, the Taiwanese tech giant, has launched a brand new VR headset called the HTC Link for its HTC U11 handset. The new HTC Link tracks the head movement with six degrees-of-freedom which should offer more accurate tracking than what other headsets like Gear VR or Google Daydream can achieve since they are based on the accelerometer/gyroscope.

Also, the VR headset appears to have an external camera sensor to track the movements of motion controllers with the help of lights akin to Sony’s PlayStation VR. Both, the sensor as well as the motion controllers come bundled with the HTC Link.

Unlike most of the other VR headsets, the HTC Link doesn’t house the HTC U11 within the headset. Instead, it has a couple of 3.6-inch 1080 x 1200 LCD displays (with 110-degree field of view) which can offer up to 90Hz refresh rate. The HTC Link will make use of the USB Type-C port on the smartphone to connect to it.

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Sadly though, the headset is limited only to the Japanese market currently. Also, it doesn’t come with the Vive branding which means there could have been no involvement of Valve in developing the HTC Link.

The company hasn’t revealed pricing details of the HTC Link VR headset just yet. HTC is expected to make the headset available to users sometime in late July.

via The Verge

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