HTC 10 Update: 1.92.709.1 Pokeman Go update is live!

June 20, 2016: A new update has been released for the Sprint HTC 10 users, version bring 1.80.651.1. In fact, HTC has also come up with the RUU.

HTC 10 Europe

June 14, 2016: There are two new updates rolling out for HTC 10, one each for American and European users. The new software version for American HTC 10 is 1.80.617.1, while that for European friends of ours is 1.80.401.1. As for changelog, please look at the screenshots provided below for both of the updates. RUU available.

htc 10 update unlocked usahtc 10 update europe

Check out all system updates released to HTC 10 software below, covered from all over the world.

HTC 10 Taiwan

htc 10 taiwan update

We gotta admit, HTC is pretty active when it comes to updating the HTC 10 sets at its own home, Taiwan. Today, the Taiwanese HTC 10 is receiving a new update, version 1.92.709.1, that among other things, optimizes the device for playing Pokeman Go. Did you ever imagine a update to a flagship for one certain game? Well, Pokeman Go has broken as many countless records as it has for a reason, right?

Apart from that, there is some solid camera performance boost too — under the pro mode, the shutter speed can reach 16 seconds! That’s most of changelog, as other items include latest security patch of August, and some system enhancements.

The 1.92.709.1 update is sized around 525 MB, so we recommend you connect to a reliable Wi-Fi connection before going for the update.

HTC 10 in Ireland ‘3’

htc 10 carrrier 3 update

August 22, 2016: A new update dubbed as version 1.90.771.4 is out for the HTC 10 sets at carrier ‘3’ that bring camera and system stability improvements, along with security patch level (unmentioned, but we assume it’s the latest one from August, which is what another update (1.92.709.1) released today also comes packed with. The update is sized 299 MB, so we recommend you use Wi-Fi network to update this to save on mobile data charges.

June 03, 2016: Carrier 3 in Ireland has also released an update for HTC 10, one that’s sized 445.03 MB and carries software version 1.53.771.6. The update comprises improvements to camera performance, while adding to WiFi and System stability. Must have update, if you ask us!

Optus HTC 10 (Australia)

htc 10 camera update

We’re seeing a huge update rolling out for the Optus HTC 10 in Australia, one that measures around 442 MB. Being on the latest Android OS already, there was to be no Android version upgrade, and as such, the update feels pretty big.

Now because the changelog hints at “System Enhancement”, might be this will bring in lots of efficient changes to device performance, and thus such a big update.

The update’s version is 1.53.710.6 and we’re already on the lookout for the OTA and RUU file — once we have it, we will be sure to share it with you so that our Australian readers owning HTC 10 can update asap to 1.53.710.6 build. Look here for the HTC 10 firmware currently available.

optus htc 10 update

For those of you who have already been lucky to see this big update — big because there is no Android version upgrade — do let us know what other changes you have spotted.

Sprint HTC 10

Launched with software version of 1.24.651.3, the HTC 10 at Sprint is received a new update on June 20 to up its software version to 1.80.651.1.

The update brings improvements to camera, with system and power enhancements also in tow along with bug fixes and security fixes for the month of May and June.

Verizon HTC 10

HTC 10 at Verizon has also received a camera-performance-booster update, one that carried the software version of 1.19.605.22. If your device’s version is less than 1.19.605.22, then an update is surely available for your HTC 10 at Verizon.

Head into Settings, and look for the system update now to upgrade to latest build with security patches and better performance camera. There are also some Wi-Fi improvements in tow.

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