How to Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Facebook on iPhone, Android and Desktop

We can all acknowledge that watching videos has become our primary source of content consumption. We don’t just play videos on Youtube and Netflix to watch content, we also end up watching those videos that we bump into when scrolling through our social media account.

But let’s just admit it, we’ve all been at the receiving end of awkward stares and embarrassing looks in public when scrolling through our Facebook feed and out of nowhere, a random video starts playing automatically, in full volume.

If you’re looking for ways to stop videos from playing automatically on Facebook, the following post should help you do just that across all the devices you can access Facebook on. 

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Why should you stop videos from playing automatically on Facebook?

Autoplaying videos have been touted as a feature from several social media services as it negates the need for clicking on a video and waiting for it to load. However, for some of us, the feature is more annoying than it’s helpful. If you’re wondering why you should prevent videos from auto-playing on Facebook, here are some reasons why:

  • Autoplay videos are annoying, to say the least: Auto-played videos can be distractive in nature and often divert you from what you were on Facebook for. 
  • Can be embarrassing at most times: When you’re out and about in public and scrolling through your Facebook feed, auto-playing videos in full volume may end up disturbing those around you and often get you awkward looks from others in public. 
  • Save data by preventing videos from loading in the background: When you disable autoplay, Facebook will no longer download additional data in the background to load videos before you click on them. This way, you can save your mobile or WiFi usage. 
  • Stop unwanted, harmful, violent, or sensitive videos from playing: Not all videos are made fun and interesting. While Facebook tries to show you videos related to your interests, some posts may expose you to content that is hateful, offensive, violent, or too sensitive to watch. To avoid getting to watch unwanted content, disabling autoplay can be very helpful. 

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How to Turn Off Autoplay Videos on Facebook

If you’re looking for a comprehensive fix to disable videos from auto-playing on Facebook across all your devices, the following methods should be everything you need. 

On the Web

If you often use Facebook on the web and you want to disable auto-playing videos from there, you can do that using Facebook’s Settings & Privacy option regardless of the web browser you prefer to use. 

To get started, open on your preferred web browser and click the downward-facing arrow at the top right corner of the Facebook homepage. 

When a drop-down menu appears, click on the ‘Settings & Privacy’ option. 

This should open up another menu on top of the existing menu. Here, click on the ‘Settings’ option to get to the next screen. 

When the Settings page loads up, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Videos’ tab from the left sidebar. 

This should load up ‘Video Settings’ on your screen. To disable Autoplay Videos, click on the dropdown menu adjacent to Auto-Play Videos and select the ‘Off’ option from this menu. 

Videos on the Facebook web will no longer play automatically. 

On iOS 

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can disable autoplay videos on the Facebook app by following the steps below. To do this open the Facebook app on iOS and tap the hamburger menu at the bottom right corner of your screen. 

On the next screen, scroll down and select the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section. 

Inside the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section, tap on the ‘Settings’ option. 

When the Settings screen loads up, scroll down and look for the ‘Media and Contacts’ section and then tap on the ‘Videos and photos’ option inside it. 

Inside the Videos and Photos screen, choose the ‘Never Autoplay Videos’ option under the ‘Autoplay’ section. 

You can also choose to keep the ‘Videos start with sound’ toggle disabled so that the videos don’t startle others around you when mistakingly played. 

On Android

To change your video autoplay settings on Facebook using an Android device, open the Facebook app on your phone and tap on the hamburger menu icon from the top right corner of the screen. 

Inside the Menu screen, scroll down and tap on the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section. 

When the ‘Settings & Privacy’ section expands, select the ‘Settings’ option at the top. 

Scroll down on the Settings screen and tap on the ‘Media and Contacts’ option under the ‘Media and Contacts’ section. 

This should bring up the Media and Contacts screen inside the Facebook app. To disable auto-playing videos, check the box adjacent to ‘Never Autoplay Videos’ under the ‘Autoplay’ section. 

Optionally, you can disable Facebook from playing sounds when you start a video by disabling the ‘Videos Start with Sound’ toggle. 

That’s all you need to know about turning off autoplay for videos on Facebook.


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