How to reset Amazon Prime Video PIN

How to reset Amazon Prime Video PIN

Amazon Prime has a huge selection of content to choose from. This content ranges right from kids’ TV shows all the way up to Dexter (not the cartoon, in case you were wondering). So it is imperative for the video streaming app to have some sort of parental controls in place, and they do! Not many users are aware that Amazon Prime Video has its own set of parental controls that are governed by a five-digit pin. Here is everything you need to know about Prime Video’s PIN feature.

What is my Prime Video PIN?

Amazon’s Prime Video has its own inbuilt parental control function in the form of Prime Video PIN. It is a five-digit numeric PIN that you set to restrict access to content on your Account. The PIN is not a part of your account setup; it must be manually set and enabled.

Once you set a PIN, you can choose the rating of the shows that can be accessed freely (without the PIN). Additionally, you can choose which specific devices you would like to apply the restrictions to. The PIN is also required for purchases within the account. So only users that have the PIN can purchase content on the account.

After a PIN is set, there is no way of finding out what the PIN is that you entered previously. On the bright side though, changing your PIN doesn’t require your old PIN and you can do it by simply logging in to your Amazon account. 

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How to set up Prime Video PIN

You can access your Prime Video Pin on any device that supports Amazon Prime Video. All you need are your Amazon credentials and an active internet connection.


To locate your Prime Video Pin on the web client (PC), go to and sign in with your credentials. Now, in the top right corner click on your profile name, then click on Account & Settings.

Select Parental Controls from the tab at the top of the page. Here, you will be able to access your Prime Video PIN, as well as other viewing restrictions.

To set a new PIN, click on the box under “Prime Video PIN”, enter the PIN and click on Save

On Phone

You can also access your Prime Video PIN right from your phone. To do this you will need the Amazon Prime Video app. Once you have the app, sign in with your credentials, and tap on My Stuff in the bottom right corner.

Now tap on the Cogwheel icon at the top right corner.

Here, select Parental Controls.

To add a new PIN, select Change Prime Video PIN

You will be asked to enter your Amazon account credentials on the next screen and once you do, tap Continue

On the next screen, enter your preferred 5-digit number to save as your Prime Video PIN and then tap on Save

Your new Prime Video PIN will now be successfully set. 

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There is no option within the Amazon Prime Video TV app to set your Prime Video PIN. When you go to Settings > Parental Controls on the Amazon Prime app on your TV, you will be asked to log on to the Prime Video website on a PC to set a PIN.

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How to change Prime Video PIN

All you need to change your Prime Video PIN is your registered email ID and Amazon Prime password.


To change your Prime Video PIN on your PC, go to and follow the guide above to go to your account picture > Account & Settings > Parental Controls.

Sign in with your account credentials, then click Change to the right of the PIN. This will wipe out the current PIN.

Now go ahead and input your new five-digit PIN and hit Save.

That’s it! Your PIN is now saved.

On Phone

You can also change the PIN from the Prime Video app on your phone by first going to My Stuff > Cogwheel icon

On the next screen, tap on Parental Controls

To change to a new PIN, select Change Prime Video PIN.

You will need to sign in once again with your Amazon Prime credentials to access your Prime Video PIN. Once done, tap on Continue

Now, tap on Change below the PIN to change it to a new PIN of your choice. 

Note: Your new PIN will be required to access restricted content on all devices that you sign in to.

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Forgot your Prime Video PIN?

If you can’t recall the Prime Video PIN that you may have set earlier, you don’t have to worry. All you need are your Amazon Prime credentials to change it. You only need to change your PIN on one device for it to reflect on all of our other devices.

How to remove Prime Video PIN

For some strange reason, once you set up a Prime Video PIN there is no way to actually remove it or disable Parental Controls. But don’t worry, you don’t have to keep parental restrictions on your content.

All you have to do is select the highest maturity rating (18+) under ‘Viewing restrictions’.

Make sure you select all your devices below so that the setting is applied across your account.

Once you are done, hit Save at the bottom of the page. This will lift all restrictions on your Amazon Prime Video account.

That’s all you need to know about using and resetting your Prime Video PIN. 



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  16. A PIN is a password that prevents unauthorized access to your account. If you forget your PIN, you can reset it by following these steps: Go to your Prime Video homepage. Hover over the settings icon in the top right corner and select Settings. Click Manage Your Devices in the left sidebar and select Add Device Change your device’s password if prompted. Click Confirm Device Unlock. Select Forget This Device next to your locked device under To Be Forgotten. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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