How to convert Chinese i9100G Galaxy S2 to its International variant

When the Samsung Galaxy S2 came out, it was found out that Samsung was selling a G version of the device in some markets with a different chipset inside. Carrying the model number i9100G, it took some time but later got much developer attention through custom ROMs. However, the Chinese version of the i9100G wasn’t so lucky.

But there’s a way to convert the Chinese i9100G – which goes by the product name I9100G_CHN_CHN – to the international i9100G model with the help of a hack, which will enable you to use all custom ROMs and hacks for the i9100G on your Chinese i9100G, which otherwise wouldn’t be compatible with it. The hack has been discovered by XDA Forum Member Harchaoui, who has written detailed step-by-step instructions that people can follow. The hack basically changes the bootloaders of the device to the international i9100G’s bootloaders, enabling you to flash custom ROMs and the like.

The procedure involves flashing an international i9100G stock ROM on the Chinese variant to change its bootloaders, and the instructions for it can be found on the source page. You will also find instructions for converting back to the Chinese i9100G. Go ahead and try it out, and let us know how it works.