GramWidget: A Full featured Instagram widget for Android

Instagram is perhaps one of the most popular photo-filter and image sharing community apps available in the Android ecosystem, and has enjoyed a robust following right from the time it officially landed on the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, for users who like to access key functions of most apps via widgets, a feature which Android is very well known and envied for, there is no official widget from the makers of Instagram for Android devices leaving users to look at third party alternatives  for the same.

Developer Sagi Antebi seems to have got the pulse of users just right when he released GramWidget, a standalone widget solution that links to your Instagram account and lets you do so much more from your homescreen, without having to open up the main Instagram app. GramWidget uses the Instagram API but has not been officially endorsed by Instagram, but that said, it is still an extremely well put together feature rich widget which gets the job done, and nicely so.

Have a look at the stuff you can do with GramWidget:

  • Multiple widget support – Home screen & Jelly bean lock screen.
  • Like a photo directly from the home screen !
  • Display pictures only from selected tags.
  • Display pictures only from selected followed users.
  • Display most popular Instagram pictures.
  • Display pictures from your feed stream (users you follow).
  • Display pictures of your own.
  • (Configurable) Automatic toggle between pictures and when to update pictures.
  • Landscape support on devices that has landscape capable home screen / lock screen.
  • Daydream support.

The widget is still new, but the developer is open to improvement feedback and quick to implement updates and fixes. If you can’t get enough of Instagram on your Android device, go ahead and get the GramWidget for free and get your Instagram feed right on your homescreen/lockscreen.

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