Google SmartWatch in development by Android Team?

It looks like smart watches really are where the mobile industry is headed and there’s nothing we can do about it. After Apple’s rumoured iWatch and Samsung’s confirmed in-the-works smartwatch, reports now indicate that Google is also working on a smart watch of their own.

According to the Financial Times, the project is being headed by the Android team, designed to “act as an extension to the smartphones that use that operating system.” There are no details available, though FT’s sources claim that this project is separate from what Samsung is doing, which isn’t surprising as Google has always worked on Android’s base, while manufactures like Samsung adapt as they see fit on their own.

Google filed a patent back in 2011 for a wearable computer, which includes mention of a “smart watch” with a dual-screened “flip-up display”, “tactile user interface” and on-board camera, which certainly backs these claims of Google working on one. Google Glass has already shown that Google is interested in wearable smart technology, though while Glass is an experimental project, a smart watch would certainly be more of a mainstream device if it is really being developed by the Android team.

In a world where it’s all about interconnected devices, with data between them kept in sync, smartwatches seem to be the next step (logical or illogical is a debate for another day), so it’s only natural that the manufacturer of the most popular operating system is jumping on the smartwatch bandwagon as well, to further extend Android’s capabilities and usage scenarios.

The race of the smart watch has begun in earnest, and I for one am quite excited to see where it goes and which company reaches the finish line first.

Via: Droid Life | Source: Financial Times

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