Google Play year-end offers are live, get discounts on apps and games for 12 days

google play store discounts

Google is having a massive sale on the Play Store right now as part of the holiday season. The deals last through January 2 and you can get discounts on movies, games, apps, and music.

Several games on the Play Store are now receiving up to 80 percent discount. So, if you are bored of playing the same old game on your Android smartphone, time to look for some new ones. Google has over 20 games that are getting the discount.

Best Brain Games on Android

You can even avail discounts on in-app purchases in some games and get new bundles. Games such as Candy Crush, Pokemon GO, and Clash of Clans will have new offers. Check out the full list of games over here.

And if you’re done with games, you can check out some new movies or TV shows. You can rent movies or TV shows for 99 cents only and these include the latest movies such as Wonder Woman, Dunkirk, etc, and shows such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Check out these movies here.

Google is also providing discounts on music and ebooks. You can get up to four months of free subscription to Play Music if you sign up now. And TuneIn Radio gets 40 percent discount on a year’s subscription. Bookworms can head over here to check out the books available on the Play Store and can available over $5 of discounts.

Go to this page to check out all the offers available in the Play Store right now. And remember, these last until January 2nd, so make the best of them this holiday season.

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