Google Play Store update v8.0 makes it easy to view change log [APK]

Google is rolling out a new update for its Play Store that will hit your device in the coming days. The update, which has version number v8.0.22, like all the Play Store updates is a server side update. Meaning, you don’t have to update anything, it will be available on your device automatically.

The Play Store update makes it extremely easy to view changelogs for app updates. Previously, to view the changelog for a new app update, you had to tap each app update manually and then the changelog was visible on the next screen. With the version 8.0.22 of Play Store, you only have to tap once to view the change log.

Yup, Play Store 8.0.22 brings inline changelogs to the app updates menu i.e. next to each app update you will find a small down arrow icon, just tap it and you will get changelog on the same screen. Cool, right?

As already mentioned, the update should reach your device soon, however, if you’d like to give the new version a go on your own Android device, below is a link to download:

Just grab the Play Store APK file from the link above and install it like you’d install any other APK file on your Android device. For help, you could use our step-by-step guide to install a APK file on Android.