Google planning physical Google Wallet card?

Leaked info from an unreleased Google Wallet app seems to suggest that Google could be introducing a physical Google Wallet credit card, linked to your Google Wallet account. Screenshots from the leaked app indicate that the card would function just like a regular credit card, and can be used at establishments which may not have NFC payment apparatus which is required to be able to use Google Wallet on compatible Android phones.

The physical card eliminates the need to carry all of your credit cards, and will charge the default credit card in the Wallet account, whenever you use it. Users can simply change the default card through the app, before the Google Wallet card is swiped, to determine which card is charged. The new Google Wallet app will supposedly also let users transfer money to other people and hold a Wallet Balance, which is probably something similar to what a prepaid card does.

Google had announced last week, via the Google Wallet web page that a new version of the Wallet app was coming soon, along with a link for interested users to Request an invite. Clicking the link opened up a new page, which asked you to select the type of mobile device you use, with three options to choose from — Android, iOS and Other.

Google Wallet, up until now, has only been available on Android, due to its usage of NFC, which the iPhone and most phones in the Other category (Most Blackberry and Symbian devices) lacked . Opening up the program to non-Android devices, could mean that Google may have been looking at an alternative to NFC based mobile payments, which could be implemented across multiple platforms.

Could the rumored Google Wallet card be that alternative? If this is true, then it’s going to be a lot easier to use the Google wallet service, as it will work anywhere that accepts major credit cards. By cutting out the dependency on NFC, Google can also let users on other mobile platforms like iOS, Blackberry and Symbian use the service.

One card to rule them all!  And if this turns to be true, indeed a good Move, Google. +1 to you.

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