Google Pixel 4 patent reveals an all-screen display and a single rear camera

The alienation of bezels has been going on for years. All this time, some interesting workarounds have been deployed in an effort to achieve a true bezel-less smartphone, but the closest Google and other smartphone vendors have come is the notch, sliders, dual displays, and the hole punch, just to name but a few.

To date, none of these workarounds has been able to fully capture the attention of consumers. And in its latest attempt to give consumers a true bezel-less smartphone, Google is said to be working on an all-screen Pixel 4 with a true edge-to-edge display.


Patents of the Google Pixel 4 discovered by 91Mobiles point to a device that has no bezels on all four sides of the phone. There is also no notch or cutout, which suggests the sensors, including the front-facing camera, could find a new home under the display screen.

Google Pixel 4 patent

The patent also reveals the back panel of the alleged Google Pixel 4, where what has now become a trademark of Pixel phones – a two-tone shade – is visible alongside a single-lens camera. In 2019. A flagship phone with a single-lens camera. Now, let that sink in!

We know how Google is with camera software, however, even the company has admitted that a dual-lens camera does things better, hence the inclusion of a second lens on the selfie shooter of the Pixel 3. It would have been a welcome idea to have a second lens on the back of the Pixel 4, but that’s not for us to decide.

Google Pixel 4 patent-1

Unlike other 2019 flagship phones, the Pixel 4 patent points to a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, which is still good for most people that like it on the back.

Being a patent, it’s better to take this info with a grain of salt. Usually, not everything that is patented will see the light of day. Also, with months between now and the projected Pixel 4 launch, a lot could change.

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