Google Pixel 2017 to feature Waterproof capability

Launched last year in October, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, had to miss out on the IP certification for waterproofing. Google, however, seems keen to rectify this shortcoming. As it looks like the next generation, 2017 Pixel, will surely come with waterproof capability.

If rumors are to be believed, Google tried to instill the water-resistant capabilities into the phones when it first ventured into Pixel Android phones, but found itself short on time.

As reported by Stephen Hall:

In case you were how a big company like Google cannot plan enough to eventually run out of time for an important feature such as water-resistance, well, according to WIRED’s Kelsey McClellan, even though Google had been working for long time on Pixel sets, for untold reasons, when it had to erase its plans altogether and come out with the Pixel we see today, it had only 9 months left to draw a plan and make it available on the market.

So, that’t that about Pixel and waterproofing, but do expect the 2017 Pixel phones to be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor, easily touted as the best there is at the moment — which, even though not launched in the market yet, has created enough turmoil that began with its delayed availability due to productions issues, and rounded up with all initial supplies being booked by Samsung for its Galaxy S8, such that the like of Xiaomi Mi6 would see first release as youth edition, supplanted with Helio X30 processor, only to be later released as standard edition comprising SD835 chip. Even HTC has revealed that its next phone, the 2017 flagship HTC 11, would be launched only when supplies of SD835 become available.

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