Google Pixel 2 front cam throwing in purple lens flare for some users

pixel 2 purple lens flare issue

When Google handed us first Pixel devices, they received solid reviews for their solid camera, but some great amount of e-ink was also spilled over the lens flare issue that accompanied some of the original Pixel sets. Now, it seems that Pixel 2 came with its own lens flare problem too, although it looks even rarer.

Some users are reporting this over at Google Pixel community that their Pixel 2’s front camera is producing little purple lens flare at either corner of the bottom of the screen.

Attached images at top depict just that, and Brian Fitzpatrick, a Top Contributor (TC) at Pixel Forums, has confirmed that the issue is being escalated to be looked upon by more TCs, to see if anyone of them could replicate the issue.

The issue doesn’t seem to be widespread at all, as so far only three users have reported that their Pixel 2’s front cam is producing the unwanted purple flare, but given the fact that the topic was raised only a few days ago on December 15, it’s possible more users would report it now that there is a certain webpage for this on Pixel forums.

We’re not sure whether this is because of an update, whether that be Android 8.1 one, or December patch, but it looks very rare at the moment, and we couldn’t produce it on our Pixel 2 at all, either.

If you have a Pixel 2 set, and spot a lens flare do chime in at Pixel forums linked above, and give us a shout too in the comments below.

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