Google Photos for Android to get smarter, adds Crop & Adjust suggestions

Google Photos

Google Photos added suggested actions, which was revealed at Google I/O this year. These suggested actions had options to automatically brighten, share, rotate, or archive an image. This week, the Android app is adding a new Crop & Adjust feature which has been specifically designed for pictures of receipts and other such documents.

With the proliferation of smartphones with decent cameras, people have started relying on their smartphones to click images and keep soft copies of documents on their phones. Google Photos’ latest update tries to ensure that these images will now be clearer and have better picture quality. Their official Twitter account has called this feature a “suggestion” and it seems to be similar to other suggested actions.

When the App recognizes a document, a “Crop & Adjust” pill appears at the bottom of the screen. Tapping it opens up a new editor UI that’s optimized for documents. Google Photos also automatically crops and removes the background and cleans up edges.

An option to “Adjust corners” is also available to users, whilst “Rotate” is a manual option, along with “Color” to switch to a more legible black and white version. You can press and hold to compare the original and edited versions.

At the Google I/O this year, the search giant added the “Fix Document” feature that works similar to the recently announced “Crop & Adjust” feature though it also converts to PDF. The aforementioned “Fix Document” feature was more redolent of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Google Drive.

The new “Crop & Adjust” feature is supposed to be rolling out to Android users this week, though we have yet to see it appear on our devices so far. When users open a compatible image, suggested actions appear automatically. We still don’t have clarity on whether this new feature can be invoked manually.