Google offers Project Fi: Alternative to your run of the mill cellular networks

Ever since the past few months Google has been firing innovation after innovation into the our midst across its different fields of operations, be it the android platform or smartwear. However, the one place its been very quite has been its Nexus series of device. After the Nexus 6 was launched, Google has maintained a state of quite, but no longer. Google’s highly ambitious Project Fi — which was announced way back at the MWC — has finally made its way here.

The plan which seeks to combine wi-fi and T-mobile and Sprint towers to create a pseudo cellular network of sorts will allow Google to cater to the telecommunication needs of its customers without having to go through the hassle of setting up cell towers and repeaters across the country.


From what we know, the device will stay connected to the net through the millions of wi-fi hotspots spread across the country allowing you to check your voicemail and send and receive text messages via hangouts, however as soon as you either receive or make a voice call, the device will automatically shift to the strongest network provider around at that time– choosing between Sprint and T-mobile networks.

Incidentally, this also solves the paradox of the “Secure Connection Feature” that was spotted in some of the newer android builds and that caused much stir due to the fact that it had no discoverable use. Turns out that Google had planted it for use in the Project Fi and the feature will help Google act as a gatekeeper of sorts when you are connected to one of those wi-fi networks we mentioned.

However, like with all good things there is a catch. The Project Fi services can be used only with Nexus 6 devices that are equipped with the special Fi SIM — at least for now, until other android devices are upgraded and are able to keep up with all the network switching.


Now you might be wondering about the cost of this service, after all the price is one of the most important factors when you set out to decide you network service provider. The Project Fi services are available at a monthly base price of $ 20 + $ 10 for every GB of data used. While the base price is absolutely fine — considering how you get unlimited domestic calls, unlimited US and international texting, WiFi tethering and free data coverage in over 120 countries in the bargain — the data is a tad expensive. But on the sunny side, Google will refund you for any data you have not manage to save at the end of the month.

Well, it’s certainly too early to say how succesful this service will be and even though there are some raised eyebrows at the $ 10 per GB data plan, once you stop to consider the features it offers — simple and affordable pricing combined with monthly refunds and the best possible available network — there are certainly a lot of things in its favor as well.

Source: Project Fi

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