Google Maps Update Brings Support to Search for Reservations, Flights and Hotel Bookings

google maps update

Google has started rolling out a relatively minor update to the Google Maps application. This update brings batch photo addition and a feature to restrict the bookings from popping up on the location screens. Another feature that has been added to the app is the ability to search for personal bookings with terms such as my flights, my events, my reservations and my hotels.

This functionality to search for personal bookings is to new to Google Maps on Android and it is included in the version number 9.7.1. However, this functionality is not new to Google. You can try uttering these key phrases mentioned above on Google Now and hear the robotic voice read the details of your next booked destination.

google maps update

Though this feature that is included in the Google Maps app is not new, it is useful to have it directly in the application than on Google Now. My events will open a list of flights, hotels and other booking available, whereas my flights and my hotels are limited only to flight and hotel bookings. My reservation is same as my events, but it excludes the flight details.

The APK of this app is signed by Google and it will upgrade the application that exists. The cryptographic Google signature will ensure that the file is safe to install on your device. Google will push this update to the devices, but it might take sometime. If you are eager to install and try it, you can get the APK downloaded and installed.

Source: APK Mirror

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