Google Glass Enterprise Edition tipped to have a larger prism display and new Intel SoC

google glass

In the last week, it was claimed that Google is referring to its next iteration of the Google Glass internally as EE or Enterprise Edition. Now, there are more details about the hardware of the upcoming device. As per the sources that are familiar with the advanced prototypes of the Enterprise Edition, the device will feature a larger prism display and an Intel Atom processor that will bring about better performance and enhanced battery life.

Ever since the debut of this year, there are several prototypes of the Enterprise Edition, but a couple of slightly dissimilar iterations of the device are into testing widely. Google is coming up with a larger prism that will extent further letting the users to look comfortable. This has rendered the device convenient without any eye strain even after extended use.

As of now, it is not clear if Google has opted to change the actual screen resolution, but the screen appears to be better than the one on the Explorer Edition. Check out a rough comparison of the prism on Explorer Edition and Enterprise Edition.

google glass

As per a last year report, the device will feature a new low-power Intel chipset that is designed to enhance the battery life. Though the exact model of the chipset is not known, it is said to be faster than the one used by the Android Wear smartphones in the market.

The battery life has been enhanced, claim the sources. It is definitely a modest enhancement than that of the previous generation. In fact, the battery life was the biggest concern of the workplace applications with the Explorer Edition, and Google seems to be committed to bring some improvement to the Enterprise Edition. The new chip is said to be better in terms of heat management and overall performance.

Last week, a device called A4R-GG1 was spotted passing through the FCC with the label Bluetooth device. It appeared to have support for Wi-Fi on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The Enterprise Edition from Google is likely to support the 5 GHz bands in order to support the video streaming enterprise applications.

Via: 9to5Google