Google Assistant for Cars is getting real with its Android Auto integration

While Android Auto users have been able to give commands for directions and other tasks to their car’s head unit for quite a while now, the capability is simply enabled only by Google Voice. That changes now with Google’s announcement that it is incorporating its smart personal assistant Google Assistant to Android Auto.

That means on top of asking for directions or the nearest restaurants from Android Auto, car owners will now be able to order a Starbucks coffee, control home appliances or reserve a parking space using Google Assistant, as previously demonstrated by the Mountain View-based giant prior to the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 currently happening in Las Vegas.

Essentially, Google Assistant offers a lot of ways to operate Android Auto more than a simple Google Voice search can do, with the personal assistant supporting as many as 100 commands to help make your daily tasks easier. The good news is those commands can be performed in your car going forward.

It’s interesting to note what other possible things Google Assistant can do with Android Auto in your car in the near future. It remains unclear, though, in which country or countries the integration will occur, with the United States being the most likely territory to top the list.

Source: The Verge