Google has already sent 2nd Gen. Google Glass prototypes to select “Glass at Work” partners

When Google announced that it was shutting down the Explore program many outlets came to the conclusion that Google Glass project is simply dead.

However it appears that Google Glass isn’t dead yet. Google has started sending prototypes of the next generation of Google Glass to its selective group of Glass at work partners at some point earlier in 2015. It was in the recent news that Google continues to work on the Google Glass Project with Ivy Ross, a jewelry designer, and Tony Fadell, a former Apple product executive.

Since the end of the Glass Explorer program Google is very focused on its “Glass at Work” program which currently adds 10 startups focused on designing new software to Google Glass and wearable devices in general. Google has taken utmost care in selecting the companies that can help them in development of the software for Google Glass. The team is working hard to make sure the software that supports Google Glass is of superior quality.

Via: 9to5google