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Gmail update makes emails more useful and interactive

Gmail is the most popular email service provider across the globe and this is thanks to the simplicity of use, continued addition of new features as well as the fact that the app comes preinstalled on all Android devices.

In an attempt to make Gmail even better, Google says its working on an update that will add more usefulness and interaction to emails in the app by making them dynamic. By dynamic, the search giant means that emails will be able to update within your inbox and even let users take certain actions without leaving the inbox in question.

For instance, rather than receive a separate email about a comment made in Google Docs, dynamic emails will let users respond to the comment in question right from within the open email. Even better is that users can respond to event emails without the need of opening the third-party website the event invitation came from.

Businesses will also relish this addition for they can easily update an email they sent you. And for those wary of spams and security issues, the search giant says all will be well.

The big G says Gmail for web is already receiving this new feature, with mobile users expected to join the party soon. To see more details and examples of dynamic emails, check out Google’s blog.



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