Galaxy S8 variant with dual rear camera in the making?

Galaxy S8

There have been a countless number of rumors suggesting that the Galaxy S8 would sport a dual camera setup on the back before its official launch. Samsung, however, for reasons unknown, had launched the handset with a single rear camera.

Nevertheless, a new, real-life image of the Galaxy S8 with dual camera setup on the back surfaced on Weibo earlier today. The image reveals the Galaxy S8 donning a vertically placed dual rear camera — akin to the rumored Galaxy Note 8.

Does this mean Samsung is working on a new Galaxy S8 variant with dual rear cameras? Perhaps yes, if this rumor has to be taken seriously.

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Galaxy S8

Noticeably, the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner is missing in the image. Well, that’s interesting. It could either mean that Samsung managed to fit the fingerprint scanner beneath the display or the company jettisoned it for good.

Reports suggest that Samsung still hasn’t found a way to integrate the fingerprint scanner under the display. Which means it’s likely for the latter to happen.

But again, we can’t confirm the authenticity of the leak. So, you will have to take this piece with a huge pinch of salt.

Source: Weibo

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