Galaxy S7 Edge receiving Android 7.0 Nougat update in Japan

Gradually broadening the base of its devices supporting Android Nougat OS in diverse regions, Samsung has started releasing the Android Nougat update to Galaxy S7 Edge units in Japan. Although it’s a little late for the S7 Edge users in Japan to be receiving the Android 7.0 Nougat, considering that the update has been released in several western and Asian countries, we would say it is still better late than never.

The S7 Edge Nougat update tags along with it several new features and improvements viz better notification controls, improved menu settings, split screen window mode, new doze feature for better battery performance.

The update which arrives as firmware build number SC02HOMU1BQC4 also installs the March security patch update along with regular bug fixes. With the Nougat update and latest monthly security patch, Galaxy S7 Edge users in Japan can now boast of an enhanced UX experience.

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As is the case with OTA roll outs, the Nougat update may take some time to appear on your device. Patience is what is called for under such circumstance. But if that’s not your plus point, there’s an alternative way to get the work done. You can check for the update yourself, just head to Settings > About device > System updates. If it has arrived, first download the update and then install it. However, before starting any action, we would advise you to connect your device to a WiFi network and get it sufficiently charged.

Samsung has released the Nougat OS for Galaxy S7 Edge in other Asian countries such as China and Philippines. In the west, both the unlocked and locked versions of S7 Edge are receiving the update.

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