Galaxy S6 / S6 edge overheats while charging? Try putting it on Airplane mode

Samsung’s glass and metal built Galaxy S6 devices look hot, no doubt about that. But somewhere in between the design or a flaw in hardware leads the phone to overheat excessively while charging, specially while fast charging.

We don’t know if this is an issue with everyone’s Galaxy S6 or it’s just us and a few other lucky ones to have this in-built boiling solutions on Sammy’s flagship. Ha!

Anyway, for those of us having this issue, can try putting the phone on Airplane mode while charging. This trick has reportedly been working for redditor coalminnow and it did quite helped us our Galaxy S6 stay cool as well.

Let us know in comments below, if this works for you. Also, what other ways do you follow when your Galaxy S6 / S6 edge overheats while charging.

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