Galaxy Note 9 S Pen button will let you take selfies remotely

Galaxy Note 8

We know that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be launched on August and we’ve further heard rumors that the incoming S Pen will be the most advanced in its entire history and easily the phone’s standout feature.

According to reports surfacing from Korea, the Galaxy Note 9 S Pen will come with support for Bluetooth technology. With this comes lots of possibilities and among them, as per the reports, is the ability to take photos remotely by simply pressing a button on the stylus. This means taking a selfie will be as simple as pressing the button on the S Pen and that’s it! This feature is said to work in long-range, something that should be very useful when taking group selfies.

Other functions of the Bluetooth-totting S Pen will be to control music (by pressing the button), where one can stop, play, or select next song without touching the phone. Samsung is also said to be working on integrating S Pen signatures, where the device can be used to store your personal signature and use it for authentication purposes, just like a fingerprint.

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