Folks who bought Nexus 7 directly from Google won’t be eligible for the 30 euro Asus Store voucher

Gifted yourself a shiny new Nexus 7 tablet last month, and are now cursing your luck  and feeling cheated seeing that prices have officially dropped on the Play Store? Relax, Asus is going to make up for it with a 30 euro/ ₤25  voucher.

However, the credit only applies to those who have purchased the Nexus 7 from the Asus Online Shop or Asus authorized physical channels, before October 29th, when the Nexus 7 32GB was announced. All you need to do is register yourself on the Asus member site, and submit your proof of purchase to receive the 30 euro voucher, which you can then use for Asus Online Shop purchases. You can find more details on eligibility and the application process at this link.

However, if you happen to have purchased your Nexus 7 directly from the Google Play Store, you’re out of luck with Asus, as Asus does not consider the Google Play Store as part of its authorized network of online or offline channels. There is till hope for you though, as Google themselves are also offering to make up for the sudden price drop by offering a refund on the price difference, if you ave purchased it from the Play Store on or after October 14th. If you got it before that, tough luck!

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