Flipkart publishes and removes 3rd gen Moto G page, device may follow soon

Motorola’s Moto E, G and X have been favorites with the crowds everywhere ever since they were released for the first time. The tough, durable phones with their great looks, plethora of features and affordable price tags have sold more units than almost any other Motorola device.

Motorola improved the devices — adding enhanced hardware and software — and launched the 2nd generation devices which again had a great reception.Well, only 9 months later it seems like the third generation may be on its way soon.

Flipkart recently posted a page that was meant to advertise the 3rd Gen Moto G and which was taken down very quickly. But the cat’s out of the cradle and the fact that website has something like this up its sleeve — even if it probably wasn’t meant to hit the web quite so soon — points towards what can turn out to be a release in the near future.


Other than what we picked up reading between the lines, the page was bereft of any particular information except for the model number AP3560AD1K8 and the 8 GB internal storage.


Earlier rumors already put the device down as coming with 2 GB of RAM, a 1080 p display and Snapdragon 610.

Well, we will be sure to keep you updated as we keep our fingers crossed for an early release.

Via: AndroidPolice | Source: GadgetRaid