How to Enable Camera2API and get Manual Focus, Aperture, Exposure, RAW and other DSLR features on Android

Android 5.0 Lollipop update was one of the most feature-full update among all. And one of the most celebrated feature from Lollipop was the introduction of Camera2API with manual controls for Focus, Exposure, Aperture, etc. DSLR like stuff for your Android device’ camera.

Sound amazing, right? But unfortunately, most Android manufacturers stayed away from from implementing the camera2api in their Lollipop update. Reason? Hardware compatibility. But you, I and the whole Android community know that isn’t wholly true.

Most Android devices (even the budget ones) can handle the camera2api features. If you’re running Android 5.0 Lollipop (or higher) on your Android device and have root access, enabling camer2api and its manual camera control features is a piece of cake.

All you have to do to enable camera2api is add the line to your device’s build.prop file and do a reboot. You’ll have camera2api and its features enabled on your device. To make use of the new camera features, install a camera app from the Play Store with camer2api support (like Camera FV-5).

Note: Enabling camera2api might break the stock camera app on your device. You’ll need an alternate camera app like Camera FV-5 to use the device’ camera and the new features from Camera2API.

Root access required

How to Enable Camera2API on Android
  1. Download/install BuildProp Editor app from the Play Store to your Android device.
  2. Open BuildProp Editor app and tap the edit icon on top bar.
  3. Your build.prop file will open, scroll down to the bottom line on the file¬†¬Ľ and add a separate line
  4. Tap the save icon on top bar once you’ve added the line to the build.prop file.
    ‚ĒĒ When it asks for root permission, GRANT it.
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Download/install Camera FV-5 or similar app with Camera2API support from the Play Store.

That’s it. Enjoy DSLR like camera controls on your Android device with the newly found powers of Camera2API.

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