How to Add/Edit Contacts on Android Remotely from PC

Ever felt the need to add or edit contacts on your Android device from the comfort of a PC? Well, chances are you never felt such need. But if you ever get into a situation where you have to edit/add/delete a large number of contacts from your mobile, then you’d understand the need of a PC at that time to finish the task quickly.

Thankfully, there’s no extra app/setup you need, to add/edit contacts remotely on your device from a PC. All you need to do is sync your contacts to Google and then edit them on web at from your PC. That simple.

Below’s a step-by-step guide for this:

  1. Go to Settings » Accounts » Google » select your Google account » and Sync for Contacts.
  2. Once contacts are synced, open on your PC and sign-in using the same Google account that you’re using on your Android device.
  3. Once signed-in you’ll see all contacts from your Android device on the screen.
  4. Now Edit/Add/Delete/Merge contacts from the comfort of your PC. Once you’re done, the changes will be synced to your device.

Interestingly, with the ability to add contacts to an Android device remotely, you could also help your parents/grandparents who may not know how to add a contact on their device. You could just remotely add a contact on their device to which they can call.

Happy Androiding!

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